About everydayisajourney.org

Everydayisajourney.org is many things, and I had to re-write this page so many times that I lost count.
It all started some years ago with the idea of having an online place where to collect things and experiences that I have done. I wanted it to be a massive anti-bucket list, a way to remind myself of all the good stuff. A sort of gratefulness exercise. Than, when I looked at it I felt like that was not really what I wanted to do, so I change it all into a proper travel blog. I wrote a lot of content during a long travel in South East Asia and it was a wonderful way to give a purpose to my moving around. When I stopped in New Zealand, I stopped writing about traveling. I wanted the website to be alive with what I enjoy the most and in looking inside me one thing popped up: learning. I love to learn and discover new things, especially connected to the mind and the way it works. When I started studying to become a Transformative Coach, I decided to use this space to share all I was learning about the human mind. 

When it comes to having a good life, there are some very important things to keep in mind. Two are growth and creativity. I am good on the first one, I am always learning something new, always trying to open my horizon. On the second one I have work to do, but this website is a good start.


When I think about the future, I want it to be a place of growth and discovery; a place where curiosity and creativity make my life colorful and adventurous. Every day.


My friends that study marketing say that having a mission statement is important. So here is mine: I want to help people making every day a day well lived. I know, big mouth, right?! Well maybe more than a mission is a life challenge, for myself and whoever is out there with similar ideas. What I know is that every day that I learn something, I am curios and creative I feel more satisfied, positive and good. It feels like a day well spent, an investment for the future and a good day to remember.

I could go on and on for pages, because yes I also love writing and I get always carried away. So, this is everydayisajourney.org, a life challenge of growth, curiosity, and creativity.
The last thing I am going to say is: well done me! I was always so scared of putting myself out there, writing in another language and, you know, being online. But then, life is a playground right? Either we play and try to have fun, or we sit and watch. I have being sitting for a long time, now is time to play!

About the author

My name is Federico Evangelisti and I was born in Bologna, a bellissima city in Italy. I am an only child, but I grow up in a big family, one of those you probably picture in your mind when you think about Italy. The Nonnas cooking, the Nonnos out in the farm and all the aunties, uncles, cousins, and pets living together in a big house. It was lovely, and difficult, and interesting, and lovely again.

Up until 25 I kind of followed the path. I was good at school, choose a University career that I thought I liked, and would definitely give me a good job, got my degree and.. STOP! Here is where it gets interesting, because I wasn’t 100% sure about my studies, I wanted more and different and, I was not ready to stay on the path.
In the years that followed my degree I studied different subjects, took different jobs and started projects that might have been the right ones for me. I was on a quest to find my vocation, but every time I though I had found it, I become restless, nervous. I felt trapped.

When I was 25 I decided that I needed to go and find myself and I took a plane for the most distant place possible: Australia. It was a great idea, and terrible,and exciting, and scary. But I just took the decision and puff, I was among the kangaroos. What was I thinking? Well I wanted a revelation,a moment of enlightenment that would make me understand better myself and what to do next. It never came, at least not in the form of a thunder or a massive aha moment.

What happened though, is that I got curious about how the mind works. I was already naturally inclined toward the human body (my degree is in Physiotherapy), but I wanted to understand better why I had certain behaviors, why I responded the way I did to stress, shame, other people opinion, love, etc. So I started studying, and I used myself as a living guinea pig. I coached myself, gained more awareness, searched for clarity, changed my habits and behaviors. I tried meditation, coaching, psychology, auto-hypnosis, … Everything taught me something, and this was probably one of the biggest lesson. There is always something to learn, and curiosity comes when you are aware that you don’t know. This website is a collection of things that I am learning and places I visited. Is also a collection of inspiring ideas from great thinkers, a reminder of the positive stuff that is happening right now out in the world. 

At the moment I live in Auckland with my lovely partner and I work as a Transformative coach and massage therapist. I am interested in the connection between mind and body and I am learning something new every day.