Bali.. Bali.. well this island in the middle of Indonesia was on the top of my list of places to visit while living in Australia.. and I have been there as often as I could.
The more you discover Bali the more you get into the Balinese mood and that’s the thing i like the most. You start to be more relaxed, you learn to let thing slide around you without getting stuck, you learn how to keep your inner Buddha in peace. Getting in the Balinese moos is not easy, but I believe it to be the only way to fall in love with Bali. In Bali you have to open your mind and seek your inner peace, because if not, the only things you will see of Bali are is chaos, its noise, its mess, its traffic. In Bali you find nature at its most beautiful, and then you see rubbish to garnish it. And this is what I don’t like about Bali and the way mass tourism put its beauty in danger. There is a lot of good stuff happening in Bali from this point of view, and more and more white people that settled in the island are trying to make Bali shine again.