Where is home? | Pico Iyer (TED talk)

Pico Iyer is a travel writer, essayist and novelist British-born, of Indian origin, who lives in the States and spend as much time as he can in Japan. And after this two lines of bio, who better than him can reflect and meditate on the meaning of home, and where home is.

His TED talk “Where is home?”, recorded at TED Gobal 2013, is a journey into the very essence of what “home” represent nowadays, especially in the world of people that live some where different than where they were born, people that decide, or have to, leave their country of origin and find them self in need to give another meaning to a word as simple (and complicated) as home.

When I think about it, I cannot give a precise description of what home is for me. Because if still I consider home as the place where I was born, and more important where my family and old time friends live, home is also the place where I am at the moment, and the next place where I will travel. When you travel, home is where you are, and home is where you were, and home is where your important ones are, and the place where you want to be. Home is the place where you want to go back, and also the place where maybe you will find what you are looking for. Home is so many things, and every description of it is very likely to be right.

In this TED talk you will find a interesting point of view in the reflection about “where home is”, Pico Iyer meditation on the topic is likely to add a new vision, new shades, on what you consider home.

So, where is home for you?

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