New Zealand

New Zealand – Aotearoa

New Zealand is the country that welcomed me almost two years ago and still holds me. It is a country of contrasts, a country where the ocean jumps on the mountains, the cities are grey and the hills green. It is a country that you can like or not, but most likely you will do both. It is a country that leaves you with that feeling of “not really getting it”. It is a country where the weather is the main topic of discussion, not because people are boring, but because you never know what the day will trow at you. It is a place of people from different countries, different languages, different beliefs; but is also a country of people that are learning how to live together and try to make the best out of diversity.  New Zealand is a big village, where people are friendly and reserved at the same time, and the more I write about it, the more this contrasts come to my mind. 

I hope you will find something interesting to read, something that will add to your journey.